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With over 25 years of experience software and web development, I am a very experienced Web/System Developer. Besides working independently, I’m certainly capable of working in a team.
Furthermore I’m used to finish work within deadlines.

Freelance Full Stack/Web/System Developer

Organisation : Hedgehog Creations, Stirling, Scotland
Year : 2007 to present
My role : Working as a freelancer I have created a fully functional generic Content Management System based on Coldfusion and MS SQL Server which is user and search engine friendly. Using this CMS I have redeveloped several static sites into dynamic ones. For Development Lab I have been working on a project called ‘ChefsCommunity.com’. I have created a bespoke CMS and developed the website in less than a year. In January 2008 I also initiated a Dutch news site called ‘CradletoCradle.nl’, which I setup voluntarily.
Skills : ColdFusion, xHTML, Javascript, jQuery, Apache, MS SQL Server 2005, MS Access, Fusebox, Ajax

Full Stack Developer
Organisation :
AlliedWestminster, Boston-Spa, England
Year : 2012-present
My role : As their dedicated web/systems developer I’ve worked on projects like; developing bespoke CMS software, developing Insurance Quotation Engine with AVIVA, creating an Online Building Evaluation system connecting to Clients/Surveyor/Insurer, setting up Web/Back Office Infrastructure, Data modelling etc.

Lead (Web) Developer
Organisation : LovetoEscape, Stirling, Scotland
Year : 2010-present
My role : Working as freelance systems/web developer at LoveToEscape.com and developed a new Front-end website, a complete for Accommodation Owners interface, a Booking Engine connecting to VisitScotland, Sykes Cottages and other partners.

ColdFusion Developer

Organisation : OLM Systems, Glasgow, Scotland
Year : 2009-2009
My role : For OLM Systems I worked as a ColdFusion Developer under contract for 6 months. With a team of people we were working on a project called Self‑directed Support Process in the Care industry. It involved connecting a front‑end solution to existing back office applications, by introducing a hub facility. This hub was programmed using ColdFusion 8 and using web services to interact with the front and back office.
Skills : ColdFusion, xHTML, Javascript, jQuery, Apache, MS SQL Server 2008, Coldbox, ColdSpring, Transfer, TeamTrack, Serena

Technical Web Manager

Organisation : Amersfoort Council, the Netherlands
Year : 2002-2006
My role : Within a team ‘New Media’ I was responsible for quality improvements, technical development and technical maintenance of the website and intranet of the Municipality of Amersfoort. It also included application management of a CMS (Content Management System) which had been implemented in June 2004 under my supervision in a substantial project. I also contributed in development and improvement of digital public services using various web techniques and making connections into the back-office. Furthermore I improved accessibility and performed crash/performance tests for an emergence backup plan. I took care of several guidelines, manuals, management reports, designs (functional, interaction & technical) and plans (test plans, work plans).
Skills : ASP and VB-script, xHTML, JavaScript, XML, IIS, MS Access, Oracle 9i, Discovery Server CMS, Smartsite CMS, SiteStat (Nedstats), Web Application Stress Tool, Tmap and Prince2

ColdFusion Web Developer

Organisation : PNO Subsidy Consultants, Hengelo, the Netherlands
Year : 2000-2002
My role : At PNO Consultants I worked as a webmaster/developer. I was responsible for quite a reasonable intranet and website for all 6 locations. I also took part in an eCommerce project. It required getting the knowledge of the consultants into a web enabled and accessible information system. I personally designed and built the website with minimal resources in 6 months time.
Skills : ColdFusion, DHTML, Javascript, XML, UML, IIS, Netscape SuiteSpot, Oracle 8i

4GL Software Developer

Organisation : CCW, Zwolle, the Netherlands
Year : 1996-2000
Skills : After my study in 1996 I started as a programmer at CCW, a software company for the Dutch Water supplying companies. Primarily I programmed in a 4th generation language called ‘Supernova’. In a team I was responsible for development and later on for maintenance of the complex and technical software on water usage calculation and taxes.
Skills : Supernova 4GL, Topdesk, ITIL, SDM, DFD, Testing

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